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Transportation  Policy  Committee

The policy committee consists of elected officials from each city and Hidalgo County who serve as spokespersons for the citizens of the county and cities in the metropolitan area.

Honorable San Juanita Sanchez 
Mayor, City of San Juan
Randy Sweeten
Hidalgo County RMA
Honorable Ambrosio Hernandez
Mayor, City of Pharr
Honorable Diana Martinez 
Mayor, City of Alamo
Honorable Eduardo Gonzalez 
Commissioner, City of Edcouch
Honorable Alonzo 'Al' Perez 
Commissioner, City of Elsa
Honorable Jim Darling   
Mayor, City of McAllen
Honorable Yvette Cabrera
Mayor, City of Granjeno 
Honorable Richard Garcia
Mayor, City of Edinburg
Honorable Hector Elizondo
Mayor, City of La Villa
Honorable Henry Hinojosa
Mayor, City of Mercedes
Honorable Ramiro J. Rodriguez
Mayor, City of Palmhurst
Honorable Jerry Perez
Commissioner, City of Palmview
Honorable Marcos Ochoa
Mayor, City of Peñitas
Honorable Arturo Aleman
Mayor, City of Progreso
Honorable O.D. Emery
Mayor, City of Progreso Lakes
Honorable Norbeto "Beto" Salinas
Mayor, City of Mission
Honorable Rosendo Benavides
Mayor, City of Sullivan City
Honorable J.A. 'Fito' Salinas
Mayor, City of La Joya
Toribio Garza, Jr.
District Engineer, TxDOT

Honorable Martin Cepeda                        Mayor, City of Hidalgo 

Honorable Salvador Vela
Mayor, City of Alton
Honorable Irene Munoz
Mayor, City of Donna
Honorable David Suarez 
Mayor, City of Weslaco
Honorable Joseph Palacios
Commissioner, County Precinct #3
Tom Logan
Director, Valley Metro
Ex-Officio Members    
Honorable Judge Ramon Garcia
Judge - Hidalgo County 
Mario Delgado
Transit Director - McAllen Metro

Hidalgo County Metropolitan Planning Organization
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